We’re Moving!!!

I’m so so thrilled with the support Bride and Breakfast has been getting for the past months. Since we have more and more readers visiting us everyday, we’ve decided to move to our new address which will cater your bigger and prettier needs.

Expect a surprise in the coming month (I’m totally excited about it!!!). But starting today, we’re going to be in our new home, http://brideandbreakfast.ph!

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Yummy, Youthful and Yellow

Since we’ve been having super sunny days lately, I think it would be appropriate to feature a sunshine-filled wedding. With bursts of yellow and an extremely radiant bride, this wedding is everything happy, bright and fun. Another thing to love about this wedding is that the couple, John and Criselle made it a point to show their personalities, exercise their creativity, and maximized their resources to achieve the wedding they’ve always dreamed of.  Key word: FOOD!

From the bride:

From the beginning, we wanted to work on a theme, not just a color theme; but a theme that speaks of us. We are quite opposites. I am more loud and experimental, John is a bit more serious and conventional. John plays golf, I love to sing. I hate sports, he hates dancing and singing. It started as if there was no common thing we both liked until we realized we just had it right under our nose—John and I love going to the market, eating, cooking and exploring new recipes and personalizing them. So we ended up with the kitchen theme.

To start off, we had our engagement shoot in Robinsons supermarket and a kitchen. Our invite was also quite different, I had a friend create the copy for us. The design had pans and aprons and kitchen stuff on it. Our souvenirs were silver spoons and forks and the backdrop we used for our photobooth had scribbles of salt and pepper shakers. Instead of numbering our tables, we named them— each table was named with either a spice or a herb. Even our bridal registry list was full of kitchen equipment! Our cake topper was also a miniature version of us wearing chefs hats while holding a golf club and a microphone.

Church: St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish / Reception: Manila Polo Club /
 Bride’s Gown: Trends Wedding Shoppe / Custom-made Sleeve: Rob Almerol / Headpiece: Anadema / Shoes: Abbylyns in Cubao Expo / 
Groom’s Attire: Willy Monleon / Bridesmaids: Rob Almerol / Flower Girls: Dress Inn /
Photography: Paul Vincent Photography /
 Videography: Phoeben Teocson / Makeup: Pong Niu / Flowers: Tropical Blooms / Lights and Sounds: Rejectkrew / Music: Manila Philharmonic Orchestra / Cake: Bizu / Cake Topper: Kathleen Ching of Purple Beads / Invitations: Wink

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Super South Africa

To kick of our week, let me see a show of hands for those who want to have their wedding somewhere exotic and adventurous? A B&B favorite—Mayad, a local videography company, again gets my vote for coming up with the most artistic international wedding videos. Today’s destination? Johannesburg, South Africa! From music, to angles, to capturing endearing moments of the event (look out for scenes of the bride dancing with her father *tear*), this wedding video deserves three thumbs up!

Videography: Mayad Studios

South Africa, I Love.

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Be Legendary

I know Bride and Breakfast is all about the pretty. B&B celebrates beauty and love through weddings. Although this video is not the typical clip you often see here, it doesn’t change the fact that it too celebrates love. Weddings can be grand, but marriages can be legendary.

As we take a break from our usual charm-filled weddings, my hope for every bride and groom is that as much effort you put in making your big day as memorable as possible, you would also give a double portion of that energy in making your marriage epic.

This is a video that brought my husband and I to tears. We literally had to give each other a moment to take in the whole thing before we got to talk about what we just watched. Being a cancer survivor myself some 7 years ago, this video struck a chord on finding the perfect person who can brave life with you with constant love and loyalty.

Carefully listen to the dialogue, it may not be pretty… but it is definitely beautiful.

“In my mind and in my heart, there has never been, there is not now and never will be another Annie.”


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Loving the Letter L

L can stand for so many things—a lovely bride named LJ and an even lusciously love-filled wedding in Laguna beach. I never thought I would like the letter L so much. And of course, to prove my point I needed to walk the talk. This came the hard part: picking what pictures to post since there are just too many to choose from. Just so you know, our home-grown-super-talented photog Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto is the mastermind behind the amazing shots.

Jimmy and LJ celebrated their union all the way in Laguna Beach, California! Oly describes it as “awesome-tacular”. And awesome and spectacular it really is. With the gorgeous backdrop of the ocean, an intimate celebration with close family and friends, plus the beautiful pop of colors all throughout the celebration, you can’t help but sit back and enjoy this one!

This letter is just too cute for words.

What a jaw-dropping scene. You might just catch yourself drooling over this.

Filipino elements were incorporated in the wedding. As they say You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

And if you want some more, check out the on-site video done by the very popular Jason Magbanua.

Photography: Metro Photo / Videography: Jason Magbanua

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Enchantingly Elegant Ever After

What goes with a terrific Tuesday? A terrific wedding of course! If you’re all about sophistication and elegance then we have the wedding for you. An affair of class and taste, we can learn a thing or two from this celebration. Jena stepped up to the plate and claimed her place as the ravishingly exquisite bride. Her entourage definitely worked those gorgeous blue gowns as well.

Oh Tuesday! What a beautiful day!

Mark’s white tie over a textured white shirt? Like, like, like!

Two thumbs up for the flowers! It brought a laid back feel to the wedding, making it more fun for the guests.

From the bride:

When we were planning the wedding, Mark and I had an agreement that we would really make the occasion all about family and friends. That meant inviting people who are very close to us. It made the event a very memorable one, not just to us, but to our guests as well. It was very elegant without being too formal and constricting—and most of all, it was fun.

I think as a bride, walking down the aisle was the most nerve-racking part of the wedding. We loved the personal and humorous homily Fr. Sumpaico (who happens to be the brother of my brother-in-law) gave, and of course, the reception wherein almost all of the participants were our friends. They made the occasion all the more meaningful. The after-party was a blast as well.

Church: National Shrine of the Sacred Heart / Reception: Rigodon Ballroom, Manila Peninsula / Bride’s Gown: Buda Gomez / Groom’s Attire: Linea Maschile / Entourage: Buda Gomez / Photography: Paul Vincent / Videography: MG Digital / Coordinator: Eugene Go of Wedding Treasures / Makeup: Gela Laurel / Souvenirs: Pose and Print / Flowers: Tes Alparas of Notes and Flowers

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Love on Video

Let’s end the week with this heartwarming video.

Top 3 reasons why I love it?

1. It was shot by one of my favorite videographers Mervin Gobaco of MG Digital. So tastefully done!

2. I am totally digging two parts of the video. One being the focus shot of the bride as she stares into the camera. And of course the crying moment of the groom! That deserves an “Awww…” moment.

3. As popular as this song is now, I still LOVE IT! I can’t help but feel happy for the couple.

Enjoy! Have an inspiring weekend from Bride and Breakfast!

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Fun, Fun, Fun Under the Sun

In a tropical country such as ours beach weddings are popular. Boracay being one of the most sought-after venues for destination unions is our venue for today. This affair is so chic and filled with sea shore goodness I can’t resist but share all the great details! Sunshine bright colors and blissful inspiration makes it so fun to be under the sun.

Church: Holy Rosary Parish / Reception: Discovery Shores, Boracay / Photography: Nelwin Uy / Coordination: Amanda Tirol /  Make-up: Victor Ortega / Video: Mayad Studios

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Let’s Have a Ball!

Almost every girl I know has an idea of what her dream wedding would look like. There are beach weddings, garden weddings, ballroom celebrations and even underwater unions. The most important thing is each couple must remember to make it their own. That’s what makes a wedding beautiful.

Upon finding out that the couple were both lawyers, I was kind of expecting a serious and structured affair. I was wrong! That immediately was a lesson on not judging a book by its cover! This wedding is sophisticated but fun, with a mix of traditional and modern. A timeless celebration indeed!

The photographers Jorem and Sheila Catilo did wonders with the details of this wedding, capturing the romance surrounding this fairy tale affair.

And they lived happily ever after.

From the bride:

It was no joke putting together a big wedding like ours. We had about 700 guests! On top of that, we had demanding jobs as lawyers, so preparations had to be squeezed in between our perennially full schedules.

That said, I loved how our wedding turned out. I give credit to all our suppliers who made the daunting task a happy journey worthy of looking back to. I like how our dynamics with them developed—in that way, they saw Julz and I as a couple and were able to execute our personalities into their respective tasks.

In the end, I got my dream wedding: beautiful, moving, elegant and yet so fun.

Bridal Gown: Richie Ortega-Torres / Bridal Shoes: Stellaluna / Bridal Hair & Makeup: Art Agulay / Gowns of Entourage: Richie Ortega-Torres / Photography: Jorem and Sheila Catilo / Videography: Jinky Sy of X-SIGHT / Venue Stylist & Florist: Jing Tanada of Palamuti / Venue: Le Pavillon / Caterers: Cibo di M (cocktails) and Bizu (cocktails/dinner/desserts) / Cake: Bizu / Music & Entertainment: Da Capo Strings and The Bloomfields / Bridal Car: Cats Motors / Invitations: Write Impressions and Printsonalities / Save the Date Magnets: Printed Matter / Julius-Stella Wedding Monogram: Arianne Serafico / Coordinator: Maya Sison

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Detailicious I Do’s

Nothing does it like a detailicious affair to end the week with a bang. I can’t even begin telling you how much I love this wedding. In fact, I’d even say it’s one of my favorites so far. It is casual but elegant, effortless and fun. Weddings like this inspire subtle creativity and understated charm. The best part about it is that it was definitely a DIY affair. With the help of family and friends this proves that one can’t buy style! If you have it, you have it! This wedding HAS IT.

And can I just rave for a minute about the awesome photography of Paul Vincent. I am loving his style and lighting technique. Reminds me of US wedding photography. Smittened would be the best word to describe what I’m feeling today.

The baby’s breath bouquet is starting to get popular in the wedding scene. It’s fresh, simple, but still creative.

One must remember that food also requires aesthetics. How it is presented will add to a wedding’s beauty and feel. Having a nice wooden table such as this and wooden boards for the appetizers will give a rustic feel to the event. Style is not just found in one element in a wedding, it has to be consistent and cohesive wherever people look.

Add small accents such as cute cookie jars or a beverage counter with colorful bottles and uniquely shaped drink jars. These add to a detailed look.
These twisted twigs are so lovely. The guests sure had some eye-candy as they witnessed the ceremony of Ron and Anima.
Having your bridesmaids involved in the preps will make it a more meaningful experience for them. How yummy and pretty is this cake? One thing I truly love about this wedding is that everything didn’t have to be matchy-matchy for it to look put together. It had the right amount of detail, color and character. Well done with the style bride! Have you considered getting into the wedding industry?

A must-read from the bride:

Our Manila wedding was a tribute to the elements of our civil ceremony in New York. Before we moved to Manila, Ron proposed to me at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. One week later, we rode our bikes from Brooklyn, where we lived, to Manhattan City Hall. We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge in our wedding garb—me in a white dress and a veil and bouquet I made myself, him in a suit; my bike basket decked out with white baby’s breath and the back of his bike with a “Just Married” sign. After the ceremony (which lasted all of 40 seconds), we celebrated with cake and champagne on a park bench with only two friends. It was such a spirited, meaningful moment, and we wanted our Manila wedding to have the same creative, personal feel.

This was, in effect, a total DIY wedding, and it was all about the details. We found an incredible backdrop (Hacienda Isabella), and really, really thought about what to put in every single square inch of that place ourselves. It was an intimate production involving our closest family and friends: My best friend’s mom did the bridal and entourage dresses and my best friend, a jewelry designer, took care of my jewelry. We designed the invitations and souvenir canvas bags ourselves (using a tandem bike as our emblem) and had it done at with non-wedding vendor. I was obsessed with handstamping and held craft parties with cheese and wine to bribe friends into stamping everything from the misalettes to the cookie bags. My mom and I went on field trips to Divisoria and Dangwa to choose the right flowers and glass bottles, which my mom arranged; my bridal bouquet that was a simple bouquet of baby’s breath/millestar, a tribute to my bike basket in NY. My mother-in-law shipped mason jars from the US and my brother-in-law surprised us with lanterns from Thailand. My dad, who is a filmmaker, did the most incredible video tribute to our journey as a couple. We allowed everyone to bring their own creativity to the table, making it just as personal, memorable, and meaningful as the day we crossed our bikes across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Bride’s Gown: Rosalyn Lagdameo / Entourage: Rosalyn Lagdameo / Photography: Paul Vincent /  Videography/AVP: Tikoy Aguiluz (bride’s father) / Makeup: Cindy Pineda  of Shu Uemura Rockwell / Caterer: Hacienda Isabella , Santi’s Tagaytay and Galileo Enoteca / Souvenirs, Styling: Bride / Flowers: Minky Aguiluz (bride’s mother) / Cake: Heny Sison / Fireworks – Dragon Fireworks

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