The Other Beauties

Let’s take a break from real weddings. Don’t worry, what I have for you today still falls under the category of “to-die-for” pretty things. I believe that the bride is the most beautiful, stunning and radiantly glowing woman on her wedding day. All attention and focus is on her, because she deserves it. She’s the princess of the fairy tale, the star of the show, she’s the heart of the celebration. Today I will not talk about her. Today we talk about other beauties that can enhance the gorgeousness of the queen bee.

Many brides have a misconception that since they should be the prettiest girl in the room, they prefer just giving their entourage a simpler look. But I believe in another philosophy. The entourage is part of a bride’s “outfit”! Let me put it this way… bridesmaid 1 walks down the aisle: people gush at how lovely her dress is. Bridesmaid 2 walks down the aisle: people are in awe of the well crafted embellishment on her waist. Each time one of your girls walk down the aisle and give the guests a “wow” factor, the more they will look forward to seeing the best (that’s you!) at the end of the march. Then you enter, people hold their breath to see what beauty you have yet to surprise them with. I believe the entourage plays the part in creating a mood of beauty and style in preparation for the bride’s grand entrance.

Here’s a dream peg of an entourage look that will leave my jaw open. Having different styles, materials and even length will keep you guests anticipating what’s next! Best thing about it is that we have so many talented and affordable designers that can create a look as tasteful as this.

Bridesmaid 1

Bridesmaid 2

Bridesmaid 3

Secondary Sponsor

Maid of Honor

Dresses: Monique Lhuillier

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2 Responses to The Other Beauties

  1. Nikki Aguilar says:

    These designs remind me of YOUR wedding! =) well said my friend.. i think by far (no offense to your other blogs), this is the BEST blog i’ve read that is about the bride, but not really! woohooo!

  2. Jingger A. says:

    sooo gorgeous dresses. i love it! =)

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